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AUV-IITB comprises 55+ highly enthusiastic and hard-working technocrats on underwater robotics ranging from freshmen to driven senior undergraduates and experienced post-graduates spanning various branches of engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

About us

The Matsya Series

We work on a series of AUVs called Matsya, the Sanskrit word for "Fish".

R&D in underwater robotics

We aim to deliver a research platform in the field of underwater robotics and promoting autonomous systems.


Our team participates in national and international level underwater robotics competitions, such as RoboSub, NIOT-SAVe etc.


Our team has received the IEEE YRP award 2020. It has been consistently the best performing Indian team at RoboSub and the top team at NIOT SAVe. To read more, click the "About Us" button.


Team members

Lines of code

Years of hard work



Our team's flagship series of AUVs, the Matsya series, consists of 6 vehicles named Matsya 1 to 6. Matsya 1 was the first AUV developed in 2013, and Matsya 6 is the latest.

Matsya 6

The latest model

The sixth variant of Matsya saw major design changes to... Read More

Matsya 5

Matsya 5 has 4 underwater rotary switches at the back end of the vehicle... Read More

Matsya 4

Matsya 4 has 5 degrees of freedom, weighs 41.1 kg, and can work in ... Read More

Matsya 3

Built by the team in 2013, Matsya-3 has a modular design and weighs 42 kg... Read More

Matsya 2

The second iteration of Matsya is complete and more modular than its predecessor, with...Read More

Matsya 1

Matsya 1 was the very first AUV designed by the team back in 2011, with... Read More


Our team consists of four Sub-divisions, namely: Mechanical, Electrical, Software & Business.



The mechanical subdivision is responsible for planning, building and testing all the parts of the vehicle.


The electrical sub-division is responsible for managing the power requirements, controlling thrusters and actuation systems.


The Software Subdivision is responsible for making Matsya Autonomous!


The Business Subdivision handles all things non-tech including Events, Design, Marketing, Media, PR and Web form its backbone.



Let's meet the people who add the word team to this wonderful tech-team.

Kalp Vyas

Team Leader

Kaustubh Chourasia

Team Leader

Shivam Ambokar

Team Leader
Our Team


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