Over the years, our members have graduated on to become accomplished alumni in various fields

Let's sneek in what they have built


Founders : Mihir Gupta, Anshuman Kumar and Varun Mittal

Teachmint enables tutors to digitize their tutoring business with a simple mobile experience. It delivers two-way streaming video as well as a simple tutoring business management workflow to mark attendance, create content, conduct tests etc.


Founders : Sneh R. Vaswani, Chintan Raikar and Prashant Iyengar

Miko is an advanced robotics startup developing an artificial intelligence-based companion robot to educate and entertain children. Miko has raised the fresh funds at a post-money valuation of 87 million dollar.


Founder : Devyesh Tondon

Mailmodo is a complete email marketing platform that lets you create interactive emails that let users take action within their inbox. It has its own email builder, contacts managements features and lets you track the performance of your campaigns.

Nurture Labs

Founder : Yash Agarwal

Nurture labs helps non-tech entrepreneurs, enterprises and SMEs to go from Idea to a scalable product at lightning fast speed and at a fraction of the cost. It provides email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools which could be used to create incredible customer experiences.


Founding team member : Sourabh Chourasia

Samya.AI operates as a revenue growth AI company that brings the power of deep learning, probabilistic machine learning, and reinforcement learning approaches together with the deep domain expertise to help CPG companies recapture revenue growth potential.

Eeki Foods

Co-Founder: Amit Kumar

Eeki Foods’ vision is a world where pesticide-free vegetables are affordable and accessible to everyone. They have developed their patented growing chambers that provide an ideal growing environment for the plant’s root zone without using any growing media. They're Building large-scale, climate-proof farms across the country to achieve their goal.


Hear from our past team members.

Sthitapragyan Mohanty

Founder, Save Humans

AUV was a life-changing experience for me. To create the foundation and leading the First Business Team was a challenging task for me. I had great fun working with the hard-working techies as well as the business team. I am always grateful to our senior Varun Mittal for this opportunity.

Kunal Tyagi

Robotics, IoT

The team changed a lot in the 5 years i was with the team. From a small team which did a lot of jugaad, to a team which had over 30 members, made multi year plans, it was an exhilarating experience. The people in the team I worked with were some of the most stubborn, smartest, hardest working and innovative people I've had the fortune of meeting.

Anuj Verma

Associate Product Manager

Team AUV has made me what I am. The most important thing I learnt in AUV was leadership. This is something which cannot be learnt in regular school or college curriculum. AUV gave me the chance to develop my skills as a leader and have bonds which I'm going to cherish my entire life.

Varad Pingale

Student at IIM

I worked in the electrical subdivision for around 1 year, during version 4 of Matsya. It was a great learning experience, got to learn and contribute a lot during that. It gives better learning than any lab course in the curriculum, and also gave me opportunity to apply the learnings from courses on live project. Devoting 4-5 hours daily and doing all nighters with highly motivating team has given a lot of memories worth remembering.

Sant Kumar

PhD Student, ETH Zurich

Being a member of AUV-IITB Team will always be the spotlight during my undergraduate studies at IIT Bombay. I was very fortunate to be a part of this team right from its inception in 2011 all the way until my graduation in 2015. Looking back at those times, I can clearly see how the team evolved and most importantly how this team moulded me to be a team player and to be the person I am today. All those learnings have greatly helped me in my career.