About RoboSub

Launched in 1997, Robosub is an international level competiton that is held annually in San Diego . College and high schools teams from across the globe build their own Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and compete in various categories. The goal of this competition is to further the research in the field of AUVs with the help of the new generation. The tasks assigned to the vehicles mimic real world situations and give students a chance to find innovative way of working through these situations.

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Robosub 2022 Submission

Matsya 6B is AUV-IITB's entry for this year's RoboSub. It is more modular, compact and reliable than it's predecessors. A simpler frame was implemented in the vehicle to reduce drag. The software stack has been made on top of ROS 2 making it generic and keeping the software stack modular. The main electrical stack of Matsya 6B is equipped with many features that offer controlled redundancy and debug capabilities to mitigate in-run failures.