AUV was a life-changing experience for me. To create the foundation and leading the First Business Team was a challenging task for me. I had great fun working with the hard-working techies as well as the business team. I am always grateful to our senior Varun Mittal for this opportunity. Great to see the team reaching new heights and making us proud.

Sthitapragyan Mohanty

Founder, Save Humans

The team changed a lot in the 5 years i was with the team. From a small team which did a lot of jugaad, to a team which had over 30 members, made multi year plans, it was an exhilarating experience. The people in the team I worked with were some of the most stubborn, smartest, hardest working and innovative people I've had the fortune of meeting.

Kunal Tyagi

Robotics, IoT

Team AUV has made me what I am. The most important thing I learnt in AUV was leadership. This is something which cannot be learnt in regular school or college curriculum. AUV gave me the chance to develop my skills as a leader and have bonds which I'm going to cherish my entire life.

Anuj Verma

Associate Product Manager

I worked in the electrical subdivision for around 1 year, during version 4 of Matsya. It was a great learning experience, got to learn and contribute a lot during that. It gives better learning than any lab course in the curriculum, and also gave me opportunity to apply the learnings from courses on live project. Devoting 4-5 hours daily and doing all nighters with highly motivating team has given a lot of memories worth remembering.

Varad Pingale

Student at IIM

Being a member of AUV-IITB Team will always be the spotlight during my undergraduate studies at IIT Bombay. I was very fortunate to be a part of this team right from its inception in 2011 all the way until my graduation in 2015. Looking back at those times, I can clearly see how the team evolved and most importantly how this team moulded me to be a team player and to be the person I am today. All those learnings have greatly helped me in my career.

Sant Kumar

PhD Student, ETH Zurich

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